Playa Chiquita

Summary:  Overall rating of 3.8 stars.  Playa Chiquita is our first Caribbean beach to review. Located in the province of Limon southeast of Puerto Viejo just down the coast near the Panamanian border.

This beach is not crowded like Puerto Viejo and is a great place to relax with the sun on your face and the sand between your toes.  The shoreline offers several small bays making it possible to have a little bit of paradise all to yourself.  There is no road access to the beach, only trails which reinforce the privacy. There is no central town area but you can find some restaurants and services scattered along the main road.

There are a few hotels and vacation rentals hidden in the jungle so you need to arrive early to find where you are going. We stayed at an amazing vacation home with private beach access. We highly recommend this area for those who like the solitude and being at one with nature. If you do get bored, Puerto Viejo is just a bus ride away with bars, shops, restaurants, and people.

Attractions:  Playa Chiquita

Location: Village of Playa Chiquita, CR

(click on the pictures below to enlarge)

 (Ratings based on the 5 Star System)

  • Appeal (i.e. beauty, popularity, etc) – 4/5
  • Water (i.e. clarity, waves, riptide, etc) – 4/5
  • Sand (i.e. color, texture, etc) – 4/5
  • Activities (i.e. swimming, surfing, etc) – 4/5
  • Amenities (i.e. parking, food, etc) – 3/5

Notes: This is the place where the footprints that you see on the beach are the ones you made.


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