Caribbean Coast

Summary:  This weekend we journeyed over to the Caribbean coast to experience a different side of Costa Rica. One that offers an Afro Caribbean feel. If you thought the laidback attitude seen in the rest of Costa Rica was slow then prepare yourself to be completely chillaxin.

The province of Limon offers a very diverse group of ethnicities from the Indigenous Indians, to the Afro Caribbeans (Jamaica, Trinidad, etc) and Ticos. Some would consider this diversity a recipe for danger but contrary to popular belief Limon is not that scary. In fact, we felt very comfortable walking along the streets and beaches, much safer than we would feel on the south side of Chicago.  The folks in Limon don’t mind the negative press.  This keeps the resorts and crowds away.

The people are very friendly and multi-lingual, speaking Spanish, English, and Patwa. Once in Puerta Viejo everything you need is in walking/biking distance. The beaches are absolutely amazing, the best that Costa Rica has to offer. Prepare yourself to be immersed in nature. The jungle flows right into the shore bringing monkeys, sloths, and a variety of birds. The weather is tropical, meaning it rains more frequently and the humidity is high but don’t fret you will spend most of your time in the ocean.

Attractions:  Playas (beaches), Waterfalls, Jungles, Sodas (diners), Shops, & bars

Location: Caribbean Coast – Port of Limon, Puerta Viejo, Playa Chiquita

Things to Do:  swimming, surfing, biking, hiking, kayaking, SUPing, birding, nature walking, etc

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