Layover Lima

Just back from our epic adventures in Lima, Peru. Typically, Lima is a layover city for those visiting Machu Picchu but it deserves a closer look.  Lima, the capital of Peru, is a massive metropolitan city boasting a population of almost 10 million people, perched on a plateau overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The city is steeped in history and culture spanning back to 500 AD with the remains of the Wari people still being excavated to this day from the Huaca Pucllana pyramids. We had the opportunity to walk among these ruins, which sits in the heart of Miraflores.

Know before you go…

Language: The most commonly spoken language is Spanish.
Note, Peruvians tend to speak slower and enunciate their words.

Money: The currency is Sol. Note, coins of large denominations of 1, 2
and 5 Soles is commonly used instead of bills. Pay attention to your change.

Outlets: Peru uses 220 volts. It is recommended to bring a converter
because not all hotels accommodate US devices.

Transportation: Uber is the recommended way to get around Peru.
Note, Taxis are not regulated like in the States so drivers do not have meters.

Safety: Miraflores is one of the safest areas in Lima with well lit streets and
a police presence. This still should not replace common sense. Regarding
health safety, DO NOT drink the water.

We recommend staying in Miraflores and using this as your home base to make day trips to the city center or the beaches. Miraflores is a very upscale, safe, cosmopolitan place with tree lined parks, and restaurants all in walking distance. If you want to treat yourself, stay a few nights at the JW Marriott, which towers over the Larcomar Mall providing epic ocean views.

Confession, coming from Costa Rica the beaches around Lima are not as nice. (Living Pura Vida has turned us into beach snobs.)  We however, didn’t let that stop us from taking long sunset walks along the coast. We just didn’t get in the water.

Take some time to immerse yourself in this fascinating culture. Visit some of the museums like Larco and the Museum of Peruvian Culture. Definitely spend a day at the Plaza de Armas, admiring the awesome architecture of the government buildings and churches. If you time it right, there is a changing of the guards at the Presidential Palace at 11:45am every day. This is on a grand scale similar to Buckingham Palace with the marching band and troops.

We highly recommend visiting Lima, Peru if nothing more than to have some amazing food. WARNING, once you’ve had authentic Peruvian food it ruins your taste for anything else.

Top 5 Must Eat Peruvian Foods…

  1. Aji de guilla
  2. Causa Rellena
  3. Anticuchos
  4. Picarones
  5. Suspiro

(Note, vegetarian and vegan peeps you too can experience the Peruvian cuisine at places like Jardin de Jazmine, Veda and Sabor y Vida)

Top 5 Must See Places…

  1. Plaza de Armas
  2. San Francisco Monastery
  3. Central Market
  4. Barranco Street Art
  5. Larcomar Mall


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