Taste of Lima

Lima is considered to be the Gastronomic Mecca of the Americas with (3) restaurants making the list of the top 50 restaurants in the world for 2018: Central (No. 6), Maido (No. 7), and Astrid y Gastón (No. 39). Visiting Lima is like going to Heaven and sitting at the “welcome table feasting on milk and honey”. Or in our case, raspberry cheesecake.

OMG!!! Where do I even begin? We thought starting out we would ease into it by going on a food tour. Being the hardcore foodies that we are, we figured let’s not only do 1 tour but 2 on the same day, back to back. We set up our tours with Lucia through Airbnb. (Aside, she’s more of a foodie than we are). The tour was AMAZING! We learned so much about the culture and the different flavors of Peru based on the 3 regions – highlands, coastal, and jungle. We literally ate ourselves into a food coma by the end of the tours. After a 10 hour nap, we awakened the next day with a new focus to explore Lima one bite at a time.

Here’s a snippet of the dishes we have enjoyed, thus far.


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