Mas Q Sabor

Summary:  Overall rating of 4.6 stars. MasQSabor (more than flavor) hands down is our favorite restaurant in Grecia. You don’t  have to take our word for it, TripAdvisor rates it as the #1 place to eat. OMG where do we start…The food is authenic Mexican cuisine with everything from Sopes to Chimichangas. The chef delivers on presentation with a balance of color and design. The flavor… are you kidding me… it’s “smack your Mama good” The serving portions are a good size, so pace yourself.

Eatery:  MasQSabor

Location: Grecia, CR

(Ratings based on the 5 Star System)

  • Healthy Option choices (i.e. gluten free, vegetarian, etc) – 5/5 stars*
  • Flavor & Presentation – 5/5 stars
  • Portions Sizes – 5/5 stars
  • Services – 4/5 stars
  • Pricing – 4/5 stars

*Note – for Vegetarian & Vegans they will customize their meals for you outside of their standard vegetarian offerings.

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