Reminiscing – Hoo Doos

Hearing that old song by Buck Owens, “Under Your Spell Again” we are taken back to our journey to Utah where we were hypnotized by the Hoo Doos.

The term Hoodoo means to cast a spell. The erosion that occurred at Bryce Canyon National Park millions of years ago have formed an array of fantastic shapes in the pillars of rock, called hoodoos. It is believed that anyone who sees this beauty is then caught up under the spell. We found this to be true.

When we originally planned this vacation trip, Bryce Canyon was not included as a point of interest. However, once Darrell came across some pictures of it, he was mesmerized by its unusual topography. As a result of his campaigning, Bryce was added as a destination.

The beauty of Bryce did not disappoint. With its colorful and unusually shaped hoodoos jettisoning from the canyon floor, it’s easy to see why so many people are attracted to this park each year.


Epiphany: We have come to the realization that, in order for us to fully appreciate something, we have to do more than simply observe it…we have to actively participate and interact with it. This realization can be expanded to a life lesson. Simply standing at the rim and looking into the canyon is not enough. We must journey down into the canyon to experience all that it has to offer.  It is only when we take this journey that we allow ourselves to be challenged spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.  It is in this moment we are humbled by the small piece we play in this mosaic called life.  We are overcome with emotion with the realization that the role we play, our purpose, though small completes the picture.

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